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20/12/2023: What Good Does Getting Angry Do?

> We finally got a bunch of pics back from the summer (Thanks Willa :3)! The group photo is actually from our show with Your Arms Are My Cocoon, which we played during the whole run of shows for WGDGAD. *Technically* not tour related, but Please Dont Crash did save our asses with a last minute sub-in for Foxtails (whos car was broken into earlier that day in MTL, nothing stolen lol). Last pic on the bottom is of Kai looking like that Indian Summer cover. I think you can see me in the background setting up my tent getting ready to sleep on what was basically a public sidewalk in Cobourg. Good memories with these idiots, hope to do it again next year <3


> life imitating art.

16/12/2023: Hello World

> We caved and copied boxxy. Welcome to our neocities site! Still under construction, I havent used HTML since I was 15 so this is all a massive learning process. We'll see how often we actually end up updating this lol. I put a lot of effort into making this page work in the first place so it would be a waste of time if I didnt at least post here every once in awhile. The goal is to be able to use this as our launch site for all things Treehouse. Will probably even do some exclusive merch drops in the future. Anyways, thanks for stopping by, hopefully by the time youre reading this the site is all done!


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